Pump Technician

Serious applicants apply only, please send your resume to info@uniblocpump.com | Subject: PUMP TECH career inquiry

Required Skills

  • Hands-on experience from Unibloc-Pump manufacturing or from previous, similar job
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong Mechanical Skills
  • Team-work spirit

Job Authorities

  • Advise Production Supervior/Operations Manager of parts required to complete pending Work Orders
  • Advise Production Supervior/Operations Manager of low-running common pump parts and other common parts required to complete Work Orders
  • Advise Operations Manager of any corrections required to Bill of Material for accuracy
  • Advise Production Supervisor of tools reuired or suggested enhancements to optimize work

Job Description

  • Complete Pump Builds and Repairs according to provided Work Order and Bill of Material
  • Obtaining all goods required per Order according to Bill of Material
  • Use all safety equipment provided for pump and pump + motor assemblies
  • Work with Production Supervior/Operations Manager to convert used parts into usable parts for new or replacement pumps
  • Report in good time to Production Supervisor/Manager or responsible person if scheduled delivery cannot be followed
  • Ongoing: Inform Production Supervisor/Operations Manager regarding machine and equipment status
  • Request resources or assistance from Production Supervisor if needed to stay on schedule
  • Keep own Work Station and other common areas clean and free of debris