Case Study: A Speedy Solution

Problem: Process plant piping requires constant re-design, repair and improvement. When longer pumping distances are required, pressure loads increase on the existing gear pumps. This increase in pressure increases the pump speed. Running pumps at above-normal high-speeds result in premature wear and tear, resulting in higher maintenance costs. The gear pump’s integrity becomes compromised by the shearing effect. Thus, the gear pump is deemed insufficient for the new application.


Solution: Unibloc Pump offers a customized assembly housing
for pumps and motors with higher horsepower gearmotors secured on a stainless-steel baseplate. Adding a Unibloc Pump motorized solution increases operating pressure and returns pump speed to normal operation. By decreasing pump speed, wear and tear minimizes. Unibloc Pump’s proprietary liquid sugar seal is selected for this pump upgrade. The shearing effect on the product is reduced and the integrity of the pump is intact. The system is suitable for future process plant expansions and re-designs.