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A Unibloc brewery pump | cross-section of a micro brewery pump

What is a Brew Pump?

A brew pump (a.k.a. a sanitary centrifugal pump) is a key component in a brewhouse. They are used for transferring liquids from one vessel or tank in the brewery to another. Your overall processing speed will increase with the use of a good brew pump, leading to significant improvements in the quality of your finished product. It will not only improve the clarity of the beer you brew, but it will also save you time. In addition to making your brewing process more efficient and safer, choosing the right pump for your setup will also help you save money, reduce contamination risks, and minimize cleanup time.

At Unibloc, we understand your brewery requires specialized, high-efficiency equipment like a sanitary brewery pump to meet your needs. The international brewing scene is booming. Notable beer brands have expanded, while craft breweries have popped up everywhere from small towns to major cities. All this competition means breweries have to offer patrons their own unique twist on beers and ciders while maintaining a high level of manufacturing efficiency and perfection to sustain and grow their business.

Our positive displacement (PD) pumps are most often used as brewery pumps. Proven performers in breweries across the country, this brewery pump provides precision volume, pressure, and velocity of ingredients at a wide range of viscosities. We excel at designing solutions for dry hop recirculation, yeast slurries, finished beer transfer, and much more, all while achieving near-zero dissolved oxygen pickup.

Our renowned customer service team will work with you to learn about your brewing process and product needs, helping you find the perfect solution that eliminates risks. No longer will you have to worry about leaking seals and lost batches; you can focus on what you love – crafting award-winning beer.

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Features and Benefits

Our pumps have set the industry standard for high-yielding sanitary pumps. Benefits for the brewery industry include:

  • Compact design that offers reliability and durability
  • Delivers smooth, low shear performance
  • Quiet operation
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Provides solutions for demanding applications
  • Crevice-free pump interior provides the cleanest CIP/SIP capable pump in the industry
  • Oversized shafts greatly reduce deflection at high pressures and lead to tighter tolerances, increased flow rates, and greater efficiency

We offer two types of positive displacement pumps to meet your brewing needs. Click the links below to learn more: