Unibloc Food and Beverage

Being in food and beverage manufacturing, you’re in an industry that doesn’t sleep. That means you need positive displacement (PD) pumps that can keep up with your production lines, be cleaned easily and get back to work. You also want a pump that is fool-proof and quickly reassembled after cleaning in place (CIP). No matter if you’re running fructose syrups, vinegars or viscous nut butters, successful processing requires a pump with low shear and consistent through-put.

At Unibloc, we work with our food and beverage customers to understand their specific needs. Our innovative PD lobe and gear pumps are precision-engineered in all stainless steel and feature a compact design that delivers smooth, low-shear performance while maintaining product integrity. Our PD pump solutions are proven to make food and beverage processing a simplified operation without sacrificing quality or consistency.

Features and Benefits

Our sanitary pumps excel in the food and beverage industry and provide many benefits, including:

  • Flat, crevice-free front cover that eliminates product dead zones
  • CIP and COP capability
  • Compact design
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting versatility
  • Eliminates pump and motor alignment issues
  • Safe design with no accessible moving parts

We offer two types of positive displacement pumps to meet your food and beverage processing needs. Click below to learn more:

What is a Food Pump?

Pumps used in the food and beverage industry have two tasks: 1) separate mechanical elements that drive pump compression from the process product; and 2) maintain the integrity of the processed product. Each pump variation accommodates these challenges differently. Likewise, individual sectors prefer a specific pump type and design that suits their processing needs.  

For example:  

  • Lobular pumps produce a lower flow rate and require a larger initial investment.
  • Progressing cavity pumps apply lower levels of shearing to the production medium. These pumps are better for processing fragile or viscous fluids. 
  • Double diaphragm pumps provide lower levels of fluid shearing but with greater clearance allowances. 
  • Centrifugal pumps are ideal for most beverage, oil, and batter processing operations.
  • Positive displacement pumps are the most versatile pump. They are used in a range of processing operations, like wine production, and the processing of thicker products and slurries such as pie fillings, baby food, cheese, cream, icing, mayonnaise, tomato sauces and pastes and similar substance types.

In addition to maintaining the product integrity, pumps must also comply with strict regulatory standards, including: 

  • FDA CFR 21.177 (safe elastomeric material use in pump construction)
  • 3A (material use, engineered with CIP and COP to minimize contamination) 
  • EHEDG (adds additional performance standards and CIP testing to 3A)

These standards help eliminate contamination in food and beverage processing. Compliance is essential in the manufacturing of food processing pumps.