Unibloc Features

Each Unibloc sanitary pump is equipped with features that ensure quality and help you fight downtime. We’ve developed unique features that guarantee the highest performance. Investing in a Unibloc pumps mean less hassle and more productivity to help your bottom line.

FMG icon Unibloc Pump
Fully Machined Gearbox

The Unibloc Gearbox is the toughest precision-built gearbox in the industry. Its fully machined exterior offers the ultimate sanitary design with a cleaner, smoother, non-stick surface. It also features Helical Gears and Tough Taper Bearings that give our pumps their signature quiet, smooth operation. Unibloc gearboxes are available in stainless steel and aircraft aluminum.

IID icon Unibloc Pump
Infinite ID

We know every pump we put on the market through our Infinite ID feature. Each pump’s unique serial number is engraved directly onto the gearbox, making identifying the pump and components a simplified process.

PFG icon Unibloc Pump
Porosity Free Guarantee

We fully machine our products from solid steel, which offers uncompromised quality by illuminating welds, pits and pores within the material. The result – a 100% porosity free pump head, guaranteed. This feature is just another reason why Unibloc leads the industry in sanitary design.

SD icon Unibloc Pump
Seamless Design

No welds or seams means cleaner, stronger, more durable pump heads. Our Seamless Design eliminates the need for weld maps in the pump, which we know is a trait appreciated by the pharmaceutical and many other industries. This innovative machining method leads to a more sanitary pump head and allows for a significantly smoother surface finish.