Unibloc Bubble Traps

What is a Bubble Trap?

A bubble trap is a device that removes air bubbles from aqueous solutions inline or downstream in a fluidic system. Unfortunately, air bubbles in the fluidic flow can cause significant problems for applications because the bubbles unexpectedly change the intrinsic physical properties of the microfluidic environment. This change can increase the internal pressure abruptly in a fluidic/microfluidic system. It may lead to sudden shear force variations, which change the compliance of the system or even blocks small channels. Bubble traps are instrumental in ensuring a safe performance in any sanitary hydraulic system.

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Combining ultra-clean components and simple design, our bubble traps are the standard in the chromatography, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our bubble traps feature electropolished surfaces, USP Class VI elastomers and comprehensive documentation packages, and are made to accommodate specific application requirements with custom port sizes and configurations including new septic connections with 8” drain angle, guaranteeing full and secure cleanability. Unibloc combines ultra-clean components and simple design making our bubble traps the standard in the chromatography, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries.

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Bubble Trap Features and Benefits
  • Double nut tensioning for easy assembly/disassembly
  • Electropolished 316L stainless steel
  • O-ring elastomers are USP Class VI in EPDM, silicone or Viton
  • Mechanical polish of 15-25 Ra (0.4-0.6 micron) with electropolish ID finish
  • Hastelloy-C wetted metal material
  • Acrylic “glass” available for high pressure applications
  • Acrylic guard over wetted “glass” cylinder material for extra protection
  • Valves available
  • Multiple sizes and port configurations for maximum customization
  • Comprehensive documentation package (including material test reports and surface finish certification)
  • Model#53B
    • The simple and clean design of our #53B bubble trap is effortless to install and maintain. We offer a variety of sizes and port configurations for maximum customization in specific applications.