Unibloc Sanitary Positive Displacement Pumps

Unibloc Pump has been a leader in positive displacement pump manufacturing for over 30 years. We were the first to offer an all stainless steel housing and base plate. We cast one piece that includes flanges to minimize the amount of parts that need FDA approval. Our dedicated engineers don’t stop working until a solution is created and the job is complete. We offer a variety of precision engineered, high-quality positive displacement pumps that fit a variety of applications in a multitude of industries. We are not the largest sanitary pump manufacturer out there, but we are the premier pump manufacturer with the most willing, ready and able staff to meet the toughest industry demands.

200 Series
Unibloc-PD 200 Series
300 Series
Unibloc-PD 300 Series
400 Series
Unibloc-PD 400 Series
500 Series
Unibloc-PD 500 Series
600 Series
Unibloc-PD 600 Series

This lobe pump has set the highest industry standards for performance and provides solutions for a wide range of demanding applications. With a fully machined gear box at its core, the compact design offers a solid foundation for reliability and dependability in the field. Our PD lobe pumps are available in a range of sizes and deliver smooth, low-shear performance. Our signature seamless design and crevice free pump interior form the cleanest CIP/SIP capable pump in the industry, making it the premier choice.

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Features and Benefits
  • Pump Head
    • Precision machined from solid stainless steel
    • Cleanest in the industry
    • Seamless Design and Porosity Free Guarantee
    • No pockets or crevices in pump head interior or front cover
    • Fully CIP/SIP capable design
    • VSM technology, allowing the pump head to fit any seal type
  • Rotors
    • Patented rotor design offers optimal efficiency and performance
    • Low product shear
    • Excellent displacement
    • Available in industry specific materials and designs
  • Shafts
    • Oversized shafts – short and robust to reduce deflection at high pressures
    • Tighter tolerances
    • Increased flow rates
    • Greater efficiency = slower operation speeds and increased lifespan
    • Hardened and sleeved shafts available for increased durability, faster maintenance and decreased downtime
  • Bearing Housing
    • Unibloc gearbox – the toughest precision-built gearbox in the industry
    • Fully machined exterior
    • Non-stick surface
    • Unibloc Infinite ID is machined directly into the gearbox to prevent missing tags or lost pump ID
    • Available in stainless steel and aircraft aluminum

Smooth flow, reliability and effortless maintenance are just a few of the features that make up the foundation of our gear pumps. With precision-machined gears, this gear pump is solidly constructed for worry-free dependability and uncompromising accuracy. Built with the same innovative design as our PD lobe pumps, the GP series also features signature QuickStrip® technology, requiring no tools for maintenance, making it the most serviceable gear pump in the industry.

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Features and Benefits
  • Pump Head
    • Precision machined from solid stainless steel
    • Cleanest in the industry
    • Seamless Design and Porosity Free Guarantee
    • No pockets or crevices in pump head interior or front cover
    • VSM technology allows the pump head to fit any seal type
  • Gears
    • Helical and spur gear designs for smooth, accurate and pulsation-free flow
    • Available in Teflon/Stainless composite, Teflon and various plastics
  • QuickStrip®
    • Unibloc’s solution for applications requiring fast and easy cleanability
    • Pumps that disassemble without the need for tools
    • Easy to clean and maintain while reducing wear and tear on components and downtime
    • Found on all Unibloc-GP and select PD pumps
  • 3A
    • Unibloc gear pumps are designed with strict adherence to 3A sanitary standards


Discover QuickStrip technology from Unibloc Pumps, the perfect solution for daily sanitary/food processing applications. Easy to assemble, easy to use. Check out our “how to operate” video and start stripping downtime, cost and number of tools needed to reassemble.

Food Processing QuickStrip Pump How To: Easy Operation in COP Clean Out of Place Applications
Food Processing QuickStrip COP Overview: Clean Out of Place Pump Technology

500 Series

Replacing Double O Lip Seals on PD551
Relief Valve Service on PD551
Shimming a 551 Pump

600 Series

Precision engineered from stainless steel, our PD 600 series of pumps house free-floating rotors containing no rotor bolts. Unibloc’s innovative pump design is suited for food processing applications requiring daily strip-down sanitation.

Sanitary PD Pump 600 Series with New Rotor Design


Unibloc Pump Truck Pumps are known for being the most reliable, easy to maintain, food-grade pumps on the road today. Engineered to handle the rigorous demands of daily loading and unloading. They are lightweight, compact and offer versatile mounting options. Our innovative O-lip shaft seals are the longest lasting, most dependable seals in production thus eliminating common and costly seal leak issues.

Unibloc Pump Food Grade Truck Pumps

What is a Sanitary Positive Displacement Pump?

A sanitary positive displacement (PD) pump moves fluid by repeatedly enclosing a fixed volume and moving it mechanically through the system. The pumping action is cyclic and can be driven by pistons, screws, gears, rollers, diaphragms, or vanes. 

Although there are quite a few pump options, the majority can be placed into two categories: reciprocating and rotary. 

A Reciprocating Positive Displacement pump works by the cyclical strokes of either a piston, plunger, or diaphragm. Rotary positive displacement pumps use the continuous motion of gears to move fluids, rather than the backwards and forwards motion of reciprocating pumps. The rotating element develops a liquid seal with the pump casing and creates suction at the pump inlet. Fluid is drawn into the pump and then enclosed within the teeth of its rotating cogs or gears and transferred to the discharge. The simplest example of a rotary positive displacement pump is the gear pump.