Unibloc QuickStrip®

Unibloc QuickStrip® Rotors feature patented rotor technology designed specifically to better handle the challenges of daily sanitation by offering Tool-Free disassembly, reduced wear, and lower cost of ownership.

It is a well-established fact that the majority of wear and tear to pumps occurs during sanitation. This damage results in wear on pump components, decreased performance, and ultimately expensive repair and re-machining. Sanitation crews often use metal tools inside the pumps when disassembling, this causes scratches, dents, and un-repairable damage that quickly reduces the pump’s efficiency and performance.  QuickStrip® Pumps utilizes patented rotors and wear pads which are designed to take the wear and tear by providing plastic on metal contact, not metal on metal as with other common pump models. Since no tools are required to dissemble QuickStrip® pumps, damage to vital components is minimized or eliminated. In fact, QuickStrip® is so effective at reducing wear, that expensive re-machining costs that plague other pump brands is no longer necessary, saving thousands of dollars.

Customers using QuickStrip® Pumps benefit from decreased downtime and an easier to maintain pump. Furthermore, the significantly more affordable QuickStrip® Rotors cost on average 1/5 of competitor brand rotors. Offering technology specifically designed for the meat industry, Unibloc’s QuickStrip® Pumps are a game-changer.


LABTOP® – Integrated Pump System

The LABTOP is Unibloc’s patented solution for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Its “plug and go” design is simple and efficient, and has made the LABTOP Series the top-selling complete pumping solution for over 20 years. Composed of a UNIBLOC pump, motor, and controller enclosed in a stainless steel canopy, the LABTOP series offers unmatched simplicity and versatility. The compact and highly mobile design is perfect for filtration, chromatography, pilot applications, R&D, and more.


Motorized Solutions – Pump & Gear Motor Assemblies

You give us the specifications of the application, we provide you with the right pump & gear-motor for the job. Our advanced pump and motor sizing methods provide the correct pump speed, horsepower, and components to give you the application-specific requirements. The overall quality, competitive pricing, and design of our assemblies are second-to-none.


Compac® – Coupled Pump Solutions

Unibloc-Pump is proud to present the revolutionary Compac Series of coupled pump solutions. This innovative patented design delivers a user friendly, simplified pump system. From the unique and straightforward design of the Compac Direct, to the unmatched versatility of the Compac Flex, the Compac Series offers a complete line of sanitary lobe and gear pumps for a wide range of industries and applications.