Unibloc Transportation

In the tanker transportation industry, dependability and reliability is critical for a pump. We know fleet managers look for light-weight, small footprint pumps that are forgiving and reliable. Transportation professionals can count on Unibloc Pump to provide a low maintenance transport pump that boasts long-lasting performance – that’s why our signature design is known as the hardest working positive displacement pump in the industry.

Our transportation solutions are engineered to handle the specific demands of loading and unloading tankers, while utilizing minimal space on the vehicle. Our light-weight Road Tanker pump features a compact design, with front loaded shaft seals and rotors designed specifically for low repair cost, easy cleaning and maintenance. They’re constructed from stainless steel with the cleanest pump head in the industry, and the compact bearing housing has proven to withstand the everyday rigors of the transportation industry.  Professionals can rest assured our transportation pumps will help get the job done.

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Features and Benefits

Our pumps offer the following benefits to transportation professionals:

  • Front loaded shaft seals for trouble-free access
  • Low maintenance transport pump
  • Fully machined stainless steel pump head
  • Compact and lightweight design with versatile mounting
  • High pressure capabilities
  • Multiple rotors available
  • Hydraulic drive mount
  • Relief valve options
  • Heavy-duty roller bearings

We offer two positive displacement pumps to meet your transportation needs, as well as our oil coolers. Click the links below to learn more:

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