Unibloc Solutions

No matter the application, Unibloc has a solution. We offer complete pumping solutions for the pharmaceutical, transportation and several other industries that offer unmatched versatility and simplicity to help get the job done.


At Unibloc, we understand that professionals in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries face unique challenges relating to cleanability, shear sensitive transfers scalability and pilot applications that other types of manufacturing don’t require. What’s more, many professionals require a product that is mobile and self-sustainable, without needing other pieces of equipment to complete a processing task.

With LABTOP®, Unibloc has developed a patented pumping solution to address these issues. LABTOP® features a compact and highly-mobile design that makes your pumping activities simple and efficient. Each LABTOP® is composed of a Unibloc pump, a motor and controller enclosed in a stainless-steel canopy, with bi-directional flow for versatility. Unibloc offers three versions of the LABTOP® – the 200 Series, 300 Series and 400 Series.

  • The 200 Series
    • The LABTOP 200 Series features a touch-screen interface for efficient operability and vertical mounting for full drain ability. Its materials are FDA/USP Class VI compliant with pressures up to 90 PSIG. Read more.
  • The 300 and 400 Series
    • The LABTOP 300 & 400 Series are plug-in-the-wall units that can maintain pressures of up to 90 PSIG with FDA/USP Class VI compliant materials and a front cover drain. Read more.

No matter the specifications or applications, we can provide an unmatched pump and gear motor solution. Our advanced pump and motor sizing methods provide correct pump speed, horsepower and components to meet application-specific requirements. With Unibloc motorized solutions, you’ll get the highest quality assemblies guaranteed to improve your operations.

We took our high-quality pumps and adapted them for use in applications throughout the transportation industry. Our transportation solutions are engineered to handle the demands of the loading and unloading. They are lightweight, compact and offer versatile mounting options to get the job done fast.


Our Compac series of coupled pump solutions can be utilized for a wide range of applications in many industries. The innovative, patented design delivers a simplified, user-friendly pump system. From the unique, straightforward Compac Direct to the versatile Compac Flex, we offer lobe and gear pump solutions tailored to your specific needs.


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