Unibloc Products

We design positive displacement pumps, strainers, valves, sight glasses, bubble traps and oil coolers that will get the job done for your specific application. Our pumps are precision engineered to fight downtime and costly rebuilds, even for the toughest sanitary pumping jobs there are.

If you call, we answer. We give you access to the engineers. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our customers in processing facilities, at the OEMs and with our distributors, creating bulletproof sanitary pump solutions.


With our industry leading sanitary design, Unibloc lobe and gear pumps excel in many fields including the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, meat and poultry, biotech, chemical, transportation and cosmetic industries.

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LABTOP features a compact and highly-mobile design that makes your pumping activities simple and efficient.


Renowned for their durability and ease of cleaning, Unibloc strainers are the standard by which all others are judged. We proudly offer the widest selection of sanitary strainers in both standard and high capacity configurations.

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Unibloc offers a complete selection of sanitary valves including pressure relief valves, check valves and butterfly valves.

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Sight Glasses

Unibloc sanitary sight glasses are available in a wide range of sizes, glass materials and pressure ranges.

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Bubble Traps

Engineered to remove pockets of air during critical processes, Unibloc bubble traps feature an ultra-clean and installation-friendly design. We offer a wide array of sizes and port configurations.

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Oil Coolers

Our innovative oil coolers are designed for maximum performance during the long haul and safe, easy maintenance.

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